Barry White

Barry White - The Longer We Make Love

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(feat. Chaka Khan)

O Barry


The longer we make love (The longer)

the closer I want to be The stronger)

I just can't get enough

I love the way you freak me

(Repeat Chorus 2)

Anytime is the right time (any time babe)

To share your love with me (show your right)

And baby, in the meantime

I'll be waiting anciously


I'm in the mood to make sweet love to you

your always on my mind, babe

All of the things you love me to do

I'm gonna make it right, gonna make it nice

(Chorus X 2)

I'm in the same situation

I need you more and more each day

you can be sitting back here next to me

Seems like your very far away, baby

And I'm in the mood to give sweet love to you

Girl, that's always on my mind

(Always on my mind)

And all the things you love me to do

Turn out the light, I'll make it right

(Chorus X 2)

The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice

The longer we do it, the more we get down to it


(Chorus X 4)

Thanks to Rebecca for these lyrics

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