Bao Le

Bao Le - 1 Life 2 Live lyrics

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Verse 1: Done seen all the bloods, and kicked it with the cuhz, I don't give a f*** man I'm ready to ride, live a life of a sin I ain't afraid to die, f*** all the bull sh*** I'm gone shine, ain't no more f***ing tears droppin from my eyes, in this life I lead is the life I chose, f*** all them bi***es and f*** all them hoes, they come and go right out the door, I'm looking at my friends and they're all looking strange, none of them is the same, I don't understand how the f*** can they changed, is such a damn hurry they rather see me dead and f***ing buried, one of the realist n*** I know switch up to be a snitch and a bi*** homie, its f***ed up but I guess that's how life is, and all these niggas are not what they pretend to be. Verse 2: How the f*** would you feel if you were me, my homies told me to chill, cause I'm so heated stress keep on feeding, so I can't be calm, but I gotta be strong but at times I fell so weak, cause I'm tired of being in these streets, I just wanna make it out with my music, but I can't let these niggas talk about me like that, nah not like that n*** f*** that homie, I'mma blast homie hand me my strap homie, let's murder these bi***es, but damn my thoughts kicked in, I can't let them get to me, I got alot to live for, like lord I don't wanna do wrong, cause then I'm back to where I'm started at square one, the only option I got is this music but them punk bi***es ain't feel me so I'm feeling. Verse 3: You can holla at me, and we'll see whats cracken, coming at me side ways your ass will get blasted up, and I put that on my mother f***ing neck, I ain't fallin back for no mother f***ing bi***, real recognize real so I suppose, the weak ass mother f***er can't see me though, that's why I'm real and ya'll buncha clones, better yet ya'll just buncha hoes, I'mma ride for mine f*** a nine to five, I ain't working for pennies, I'mma get plenty, damn envy me but I ain't going no where, there's no end to me, you ain't my friend homie, don't pretend to be, fronting like groupies, keep it moving G, you don't know me, believe me when I say I will succeed, be deceased when you see me, you can't be me, who am I, Bao Le. yeah until the end of time, I'm gone shine homie, I'm gone shine homie, so let it ride homie, let it ride. Chorus: One life to live and dying ain't a f***ing option, ain't nobody can stop me, let them die in the coffin, if you got a problem you can holla at me, tell them holla at me

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