Banton Buju

Banton Buju - Only Man

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M. Myrie Chorus-2x It\'s not an easy road Many see the glamour and the glitter And think it\'s a bed of rose Who feels it knows Lord help me sustain these blows From the minute of birth you enter this earth Obstacles in your way to overcome first Throughout everyday they seem to get worse Oh my God cast away this curse Everybody is trying to make ends meet Through every way the endeavor Lord God you see it No matter what the world may say on the street Must have to survive, won\'t accept defeat Now I\'m weary, tired and dreary Got no time to waste You know me Chorus By you rise to see the sun Who you love a pull you down Trying to discredit the works you have done Some can\'t satisfy with the past of ally From the Scribes and Pharisees You\'ve got to stay wide Hold up your head glancing on both side Waiting anticipating praying for you to slide Righteousness prevails with Jah by my side Deliver Jonah from the whale Never leave him to die Help us all Abbaba Joni Hold up my head and cry Chorus I\'ve been travelling all morning With such a heavy load Now it\'s noon and I cannot afford To put down this burden alongside the road I\'ve got to hold it, got to humble myself Like a child Upon my face I\'ve the got to put on a smile Make up my mind just to walk more miles Because I know that Chorus

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