Bananafishbones - Lonly

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Remember first time we met day one

Kids in the garden\' playin\' games heaven\' fun

Excitin\' and amazin\' havin\' a real friend of mine

Face to face and eye to eye

Usin\' our hands to buy and supply

Chillin\' is cool from January to June

And we still stiked together like the glue

And know the rules

Forever you and I and believe it was clear

If I ever should fall I could count on you with no fear

Runnin\' out of time I see who\'s fake

Alone without protection from all them snakes

All for one one for all I was told

Black white yellow no matter if your young or old

Nana\'s in the house to let you know

What I see is how I feel and damn

I\'m alone

I am lonely lonely lonely

I am lonely lonely in my life

I am lonely lonely lonely

God help me help me to survive!


Everybody\'s trippin\' on me

Oh lord come help me please

I did some bad things in my life

Why can\'t you rescue me \'cause you\'ve got all I need

I know I got to pay the price

Lonely (2x)

Cheepin\' thru the streets at night after a fuss and fight

Tears in my eyes I\'m a man lookin\' for the light

Dark is the path I know he will rescue me

The lord is my shephard I\'m cool despite emergency

Whom shall I fear exept the god

Thank you for the blessin\' and the skils on the mic

Five years we know there\'s no diggity

Free at last see the light in me

What goes up must come down

I\'ll be around while you heading towards deathtown

Always look forward hardly never look back

So many tears and the snakes on my jock

Now I\'m riding in my big fat ride

Your ass is late so look for the line

Nana in the house to let you know

What I see is how I feel so leave me alone

Lonely (3x)

Knock on my door whom you lookin\' for

A dream or reality enemies at my door

Eyes I realize it\'s fantasize I must be high

So let me live before I die

Once again grab the bottle twist the cap

To survive your life is yours my life is mine

No emotions in this world full of lies

Step my step and be versatile

Love peace and crash that\'s what it\'s all about

Alone by yourself than you lack there\'s no doubt about

I\'m always into something making moves to improve

What would you do if you where in my shoes

Boom a letter oops another suicide

Meet me for a ride at the boulevard

Nana\'s in the house to let you know

What I see is how I feel and damn I\'m alone

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