Badless - Sister Shirley

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Everyone that should has got their dark glasses on

But it's not as warm as I expected

I've paraded your photo through san mateo

Dreamin' '86 was resurrected


And some thought they'd seen yousister shirley

I swear I saw you meeting them

With better clothes and a different smile

Where on earth should I begin

Northern california's got that brochure appeal

But where's the wine that you poeticized

Nineteen and pregnant and hatin' the means

You responded to your thought dream cries


Sun affirms the bayshore freewaythe moon burns bright in burlingame

Two weeks straight our daily bread's conclusions turn the same

Face me if and when I face youblack and whitehow we embrace you

We love you and we hate you


What's your name nowsister shirley

Did you run to better ground

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