Badless - A Little Faith

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Martha's wearing blue jeans

And she's praying for the poor

Two midgets shop for halloween

At a salvation army store

And a widow with a quarter

Buys herself a plastic ring

A little faith is a precious thing

Santa in december

The circus in july

The fat man he has mouths to feed

Just like you and i

And a family of agnostics

Attends a christening

A little faith is a precious thing

Tonight meet me at the graveyard

Up on teaberry hill

We'll lie upon the ground and dream

Where truth and superstition

Are just a reasoning away

And nothing is ever as it seems

Like a seed that grows

'neath fallen leaves

She wouldn't let them keep her down

Left her parents home

Moved to the country

Now her children play in the backyard

Near where the cooling towers steam

A little faith is a precious thing

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