Bad Ronald

Bad Ronald - 1st Time

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Thanks to sinner_007 for these lyrics.

Now this is what I am talking about

Stuck in side, but I am letting it out

I am struggling just to keep my poise

And I don't stop screamin' till I lose my voice

Keep on doing what I feel the most

One last hit and then I am ghost

If it's not my fault that's how it has to be

That's how I am keeping my chastity

If I had it all I would give it away

No idea how I am living today

Line by line

Show by show

I got these ladies

Toe to toe

Couple of drinks and I am ready to go

Ask me again and I'll still say no


Don't be hatin' on me baby

Give me that sweet stuff all night long

I feel like it's my first time

I feel like it's my first time

I remember the first time I met you

Couldn't for get you

Everything was right

Knew I had to let you

Into my life

But the question was how

It all seems so clear looking back now

Back in '92 didn't have a clue

School bell ring sky clear blue

Get my ass home

Call you on the phone

You promise later on that night

We be alone

Next five hours, don't think I sat

Took a trip to the store for a lubricated hat

Check my self in the mirror

91 times

Rehearsed in my head

99 lines

Came to your door

You grabbed me by the hand

Heart beatin' quick

I am about to be a man

Girl, you satisfy my soul

Went to put the Trojan on, shit, it had a hole


I am always wakin' up real early

Some time around two o'clock

Girls can't wait for me to call

So they can get this started

It's a daily operation

F train to my subway station

But I am still a virgin, babe

So lets stick, to masturbation

Remember shit, I am ready to go

Saw a girl I met at a show

Forgot her name

And she got mad

How could she miss what she never really had?

Got love from here to infinity

Loose control when she's in my vicinity

I want to take her home and show her I am a surgeon

Tell I love her

Then tell her I am a virgin


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