B K Summer

B K Summer - Crusin With Cindy

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She's really hot. She's the envy of the parking lot. The kids at school tell me she's real cool when I park her in my spot. And when Cindy's by my side, the double takes get multiplied! A cherry car, classy babe, this guy's got it made, crusin' the town tonight. CHORUS- We go crusin', radio blastin', singin' good ol' rock-in-roll. Crusin', babe by my side. Nothin' can compare the way it thrills my soul! There's no better way to let me be me, There's no better way to set myself free than cruisin'. Crusin' with Cindy tonight. She answered my call. Told me to meet her at the shopping mall. She needs to buy a new dress, gotta look her best for the party Saturday night. But no matter where we go, Cindy always steals the show. Yeah, She's got the look, she's got me hooked, but what a nice way to go. CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL CHORUS

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