Video teaser: Avril Lavigne 'What the Hell'

Video teaser: Avril Lavigne 'What the Hell'This is Avril Lavigne's sneak peek to her upcoming What the Hell music video which is a part of her Happy Hour treatment. The pop/punk singer is seen rocking out with her band on stage with some extras posing as the concert goers. The music video was filmed in 3-D and is expected to make its premiere sometime this month.

Happy Hour was hosted by Avril everyday last week starting January 3 to take fans "behind the scenes of her Goodbye Lullaby experience." It included the album photo shoot, band rehearsals and a Japanese press day. All of those videos can be found on her official Facebook.

What the Hell debuted live during Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest before being released viral for free.

Video teaser: Avril Lavigne 'What The Hell' :