Video premiere: Avril Lavigne 'What the Hell'

Video premiere: Avril Lavigne 'What the Hell'After the teaser released days ago, Avril Lavigne premiered the music video supporting her new single What the Hell in which she sings : "All my life I've been good but now, I'm thinking what the hell," so she decides. Having that plan to go "a little crazy", she wakes up one day, leaving her boyfriend and running away in a stolen cab to spend "some time to play."

And then: "[He's] chasing me around, and I hop into a random cab, and he's chasing me," she told MTV of the Marcus Raboy-directed clip. "And I go through a clothing store and he chases me, but at the end of the video, it's really just me having a bunch of fun with him, and he's my boyfriend, so I like him in the end."

Among those rebellious scenes, the one which sees her jumping on stage with her band and rocking out in a club is her favorite. "When we shot it and I got to watch it back in 3-D with the glasses and actually you can see the crowd's hands and it felt like you were live in a crowd, so it was kind of cool," she said.

Video premiere: Avril Lavigne 'What the Hell' :

What the Hell is her first single of new album Goodbye Lullaby which is due March 8 in the United States.