She Said That She Is Not Wild Said Avril Lavigne

She Said That She Is Not Wild Said Avril LavigneShe is not the crazy girl that people think she is
Becouse of her greatest heats like Sk8er Boi and What the Hell people think that Avril that she is a crazy girl.

She said that people and media have misunderstood her imagine. She said that:

"[People think] I'm this crazy girl. For me, I talk now more than I've ever done, because I'm older and more comfortable with myself. But back when I was a teenager, it was one-word answers - yes or no," she said to the newspaper The Sun.

"People expect me to be more extroverted and crazy, because that's how I am in my music videos - jumping around and singing. But I'm actually much more mellow and quiet. When the music happens, I work it for the crowd. It's part of being a performer, to make sure everyone who took the time to be at the concert has the best time."

After Avril got engage with Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, 38, now they are to busy planing their weding.