ATTITUDE - Symphony

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Hey, I was mean(mean)

Before I became a feen

I took over the world when they gave me a beep machine

And then I made my city jump(jump)

It's your favorite producer, come on baby let it bump(bump)

I'm like a music cyclone when I'm in the zone

I typhoon everytime I get on a song

I *tie coo?* I just went and brought another home

Who you stuntin on?

I'm never off, I set it off, and you were never on

What's there to care about? People know my whereabouts

Anywhere I want, private jet in and out

Whip brand new, you know what Tim about

Ferrari 5-99 Windows Tinted out

I-I-I'm the man m-my beats is crazy

You want my sounds, you gotta pay me

But don't get it confused, never had no silver spoon

But you got a long walk, tryna fit Timbaland's shoes

And next up(I believe that's me)

And what's your name(D.O.E. on the M-I-C)

And where you from(NYC, we up in here G)

Why don't you get on the mic for the symphony?


Ok, ok when you see me roll through(Yup)

Got the whole crew Timbaland he produce

If you a fruit, Produce

Riding in a old school(pimpen) like I'm poss to

She french kiss my d*** and then I told her Merci buques

(Put it in the bag) Nah baby I ain't Fab

When I f*** ya it's a wrap, I'ma put you in the cab

Better be happy I rap, if I wasn't I'd be strapped with the(mass)

and I..and I'm coming for your stash

When I find out where you at I'll be(shimmying ya lock)

Get the f*** up outta ya baby, you betta(gimme what you got)

Wit you **** money **** money ****money ****money

Lying like there's no money(Uhhh) Gotta go money

Pockets feeling drained then it's back to snatching chains and I

(Wish a n***a run up on me, he gon find the heat,

and make the wrong move)

I ain't changed, still the same

D.O.E be the name, I'm from North Side Queens

Next up(Ha, hey I believe that's me)

And what's ya name(Bran' Nu a.k.a Brandy)

And where you from(Mississippi but was raised in Cali)

Why don't you get on the mic for the symphony?

(Bran' Nu)

I got it, I got it(Ha)

It's been a long time comin'

I'm back like I forgot something important

Can't have a problem with me

I fade it to black like church slacks

Now I'm in the Range, no Cadillac

So you don't want it with me

I'm on the tip of your tongue like bubble gum

I got your head sprung

It's my return(Like the Kingdom Come)

I'm taking off like a rocket

I got this beat in my pocket

I keep your heart droppin(and you...)

Never gonna hold me back, Timbo put me on the map

Now you wanna say I act(Brand New)

Just like my Proda boots, struttin like a model do

Don't you wish you had another(Chance to)

Get up under my skin, frontin' like you g-g-g-get it

You keep runnin ya mouth like them broads do

I gotta learn you, like a school do

Cuz clearly you don't have a clue

So next up(Yeah, hey I believe that's me)

And what's ya name(Attitude on the M-I-C)

And where you from(Alabama we up in here G)

Why don't you get on the mic for the symphony...


Ok, ****(not understandable)

Never mediocre

Plenty bread so you know I gotta keep a toasta

On my side b***h ride unless she a Oprah

B***h I'm too fly to drive, I'ma need a chauffeur

I get a whole lot of h*** like a G supposed ta

They could put me in the FED for what's in my sofa

Rap **** wack slap em if they say ya hard

Diss me, I'll up the ratchet on you and your A&R

I know they mad never thought that it could happen

Got my **** on then I hopped in a Austan

Every check I cash in, bigger than the last one

Met a new freak, she thicker than the last one

Nah, I don't love her homey, MUSIC is my passion

I don't show compassion

And all my B***hs yellin I'm the s***, even when nobodies askin

Boy I'm on fire like the **** at the ****in

That's why I stay so gone playa

F*** *****in up the ozone laya

I drop a hit everytime I got some s*** to say,

and if I miss I come back like a richochet

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