At All Cost

At All Cost - The Formula

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Let me set the formula for a utopia, shattered dreams and bourgeoisie schemes leave classes to up-rise. Take a theory raise awareness, class-consciousness, then arm for the coup d'etat, strikes, and for the resistance. Don't let your fears stray the goal. The present is not what we perceived it to be, current culture will not thrive through this time. Release me from this binding exponential downward spiral. Everything we say we need serves to lock us in. Praise leader's words, then return to the fight, and the strikes, until you have won it all. Then rebuild by learning from previous mistakes, keep history close to your heart and your mind. And never forget to stand against all opposition, and base a society from this one thing, it's... Freedom. Raise a voice for a change, stay up way up, for your own cause, it's better now than never so.

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