Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria - Writing Her Ballad

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Let's get away cure your fast pain.

What a perfect way to ruin this day.

What a killing, with a lot of blood put away.

Without back in my bone.

The sarcastic self will save me

Where'd it go, where'd it to go, where'd it go, where'd it go? Okay!

The voice we need to talk, to talk, where'd it go, where'd it go?

Let the break house burn.

Let me take a cam and fly

Let it carry us from the worst.

It's 2 am.

You're fast asleep.

I'm watching you weep, and dream away your inspiration...

Oh no... you're drifting away...

I'm all alone, but I'm still writing to you.

And now I travel from all the way from hell

But I love you...

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