Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria - A Prophecy

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How stubborn are the scars when they won't fade away?<br />

Or just a gentle reminder that now are better days?<br />

We'll be home soon so dry your eyes<br />

You'll be okay<br />

Oh my god<br />

The water is rising<br />

You just have to believe in me<br />

Failing that I'll ride this storm alone<br />

We can still make it out<br />

'Fuck'<br />

I can help you through this<br />

But you have to take my hand<br />

I can take you home<br />

Take my hand, take my hand<br />

I should've known the tides were getting higher<br />

We can still survive<br />

They think we're drowning but our heads are still above the waves<br />

You never said goodbye<br />

Now you're on your own</

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