Asa - No One Knows

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Just the other day, the other day

I was talking to the weather man

About today oh oh oh

And all,all he could say

Was no one knows tomorrow

See I can read the weather child

I can tell maybe the rain will fall

The sun will shine oh oh ohh….

But that’s as far as my guess goes

Cos no one knows tomorrow

Oh oh ha…no one knows tomorrow

Tell me what’s the need

To go to war all the killings

Just to settle some one else’s score o o o

When the victory isn’t even sure

No one knows tomorrow

See, we can study history

and philosophy and Plato’s ideology

oh oh ohh…

But tomorrows still a mystery oh oh ohh

No one know tomorrow Oh oh ha…

no one knows tomorrow

Tomorrow is your opportunity to fail

Or be successful if you please, yes indeed

Tomorrow is a politician’s today

it’s the victim of decision

and the future of our children

So when I die someday,

Will I be in heavenly places

Singing halleluiah with an angel On the piano

or will I be

Just another contribution

To the earth, the trees, the grasses

As tomorrow slowly passes

No one knows….no one knows

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