Art Of Dying

Art Of Dying - Tear Down the Wall

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Who do I turn to? And what do I do?

I'm looking for answers, the lies and the truth

I saw that new building, but I don't know shit

It's gotta be out there, something better than this

(Chorus x2)

I'm caught in the middle of life

Somewhere in the middle of love

Nothing's gonna change till I break these chains

And I tear down the walls

(Verse 2)

What is the meaning and where does it end?

What does it matter until it begins?

I can't go backwards, I can't give in

Feels like the future is dying and the past is dead

(Chorus x2)


Brick by brick

Brick by brick

Brick by brick

Brick by brick

Tear it down with me

Tear it down with me now!

Let's go!

(Chorus x2)

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