Art Of Dying

Art Of Dying - Eat You Alive

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Days pass by in this lonely abyss

Only ____(?) it, no-one's horsing it

Dance with me, man, so I'm not alone

I won't break cause revenge is a place I call home

Soon you will know

Not to throw stones

Don't ask how's it moved


Locked in a cage, feeling the rage

I'm alone inside, can't imitate, so we must stay

I will eat alive, _____(?) safe

As the winds of night

Locked in a cage, feeling unrest

Burning up inside

With my last breath of life

I will eat you alive

(Verse 2)

Time of the eye I've learned to embrace

Better memories I now like to taste

Swirling up like a virus inside

There's only ashes, I warn you, there's nowhere to hide


Biting my time

You can't confide

Watching my mind



Wring a hole, making the dirt

Lighting a flame


Like a stone in the ground

There's a devil within

I'm coming for you

I'll never give in


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