ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS - Wrath Of Gods lyrics

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[Verse 1: Apathy]

I could talk bitches out of they jeans

Gold diggers out of they cream

Little wannabe rap motherfuckers out of they dreams

I'm slick, I could talk a hustler out of his fiends

I rap so hot, the water in my spit becomes steam

I'm like a pound of uncut coke when hittin' the scene

Y'all are powder particles that trickled off the triple beam

Stop trippin', little chicken, I ain't payin', I'm pimpin'

If ya waitin' for trickin' then you should date a magician

Wake up and listen, and keep this in the back of your mind

My thoughts are heavy, the weight alone could fracture your spine

Cats swear to God they high, hearin' Apathy's rhymes

And hold a torch up to trees like the back of a dime

These little backpack faggots probably jacked my lines

But like divorce with no prenup, half of it's mine

Y'all are just bitches (Esoterodactyl got morgues to fill)

While Ap's on a mission to make green like clorophyll

[Verse 2: Esoteric]

My team drops bread like chicks on health kicks

Ya squad could rock Bird throwbacks and couldn't "sell ticks"

I melt shit with the words I spit

Steven King, disturbed and sick

You know Shay's killin' rappers that be speakin' on their dealin' coke days

Only birds you ever flipped was due to road rage

Only gray you ever pushed was due to old age

Bomb grower? Nah dude, the only weed you ever moved was with lawn mowers

You ain't traffickin' shit

No package in the back of the whip

No gats, no clips, why you rockin' that watch still?

Only archeologists check for iced-out Fossils

Is this a vintage affair? Them Jordans isn't that rare

Plus they so dingy they resemble my original pair

Servin' AotP? That'd be a head trip

Like a Cali-bred Crip rockin' Cincinnatti Reds shit

[scratched x2]

Y'all tryin' to put a crease in the cards

Everybody want a piece of the gods

[Verse 3: Planetary]

I spit spontaneously, insane on a beat

Gigantic with the rap, I throw a flame in the street

Nothin' less than a professor manifestin' the heat

So hot, I don't even bring a piece when I beef

Rappers shot, make your casket drop

Pass the block, and get your ass beat down, we laugh and watch

And it's funny how we throw a rubber band on a knot

Smack you in the face with it and let you have it to shop

And the reason that you bleedin', you disrespected a demon

Cryin' like little bitches or newborns that's teething

We urban gorillas workin' with killers

Bow and arrows from the Pharaohs, dog you heard what the deal is

We the realest and you feel us 'cause you probably been through it

Suicidal rap, nigga, cut your skin to it

And shit don't matter if you die or live through it

We beat you 'till you piss bluish, hit you with sick fluid

[Verse 4: Des Devious]

I never aim to please, get cut quick, gone with the breeze

And post up, sparkin' my trees

Like it never happened, the captain of fly rappin'

Attackin' with war tactics and write it down in fine graphics

Cause havoc, my "mobb's deep," gun butt, you now sleep

Your funeral be in a week, I dare you to creep

Pack ridiculous heat from sweepin' the streets

The tech nine to your meat, chopper bringin' defeat

To any one who oppose these assholes' murderous flows

I'm standin' here close from breakin' your nose

The life that you chose is nothin', why keep runnin'?

Shoot, I'm gunnin', my motherfuckin' cold deeds is headhuntin'

Frontin' is a waste of time, you get money and shine

On your grind, it's all in your mind

'Cause I've never seen you holdin' a spot, callin' a shot

Pops scorchin' your flesh, you bleedin' to death

Heed these words or meet this bird, Desert

Bangin' at your heartless herbs, heartless herbs, nigga

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