ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS - Visual Camouflage lyrics

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Stay puzzled as I backtracked to earlier times

While I'm in rock constructed temples of unearthly design

Astrologists who follow us attempt to search for a sign

Now cops bother us follow us to search for a nine

Asking Apathy to kill it a verse or rhyme

Ridiculous would you ask this over to shine

I would merk you murder you turn you burgundy with the burner

Burst you bubble snuff you upper cut you like you had nerve to touch a Curtis virgin

Fallin’ out over a 30 meter building

…straight to the ground

I don’t care if you’re black or crack

Or if you rappers get crushed

You can be the cause in the back of the bus

Yeah, I got a reason to slaughter these villians

Kept the diary of all these officer killings

Fuck… keep …my dogs

What kind of niggaz would be pissing floors in jail?

Yeah,a couple of family members are selling all this for pale

They should have checked me on my fucking leash

I’ll be crushing teeth

Bust your careers to toilet

And this ain’t yet complete

I‘m the god of rap Paz is just evil and …

Shut your motherfucking mouth while I'm speaking represso

Vinnie snatch a motherfucker ill steal it cabesa

Slaughter,he goes and goes and goes until he gets a vessel

Why would I ever question whether he was successful?

Murder rapper you dirty rapper eating a cesspool

I have an hundred motherfuckers that's eager to check you

And a bunch of Sicilianos that's eager to get you

I never felt any remorse never seen any regretful

The nine circus of hell is for the demon essential

I feel like Brock? When he see through the threshold

I'm Bray Wyatt dummy you ain't too eager to wrestle

Squeeze the pretzel reason I met you

Was either to wet you or grieve in your mental

And leave your essentials the reason I treat them like suckers

They fuckin’ suckers Bs

It's not a feature list it's names of people that can't fuck with me

Ruptured teeth, structured beef more than epic meal does

Crack your egg with a 40 watch what wearing steel does

Position is supreme,your scheme

The victims from your team

To make the vicious extreme,

You’d rather use the…

If you want to use drugs

Use drugs and confuse the hustle

And steroids are abusing your muscles

Break your circle around and use it to cut it

Oh you a UFC fighter (Word)

Let’s see if you could be a uzi survivor

I'm a shooter on arrival

Get money and rob jewelry (Ya heard)

Let them shots turn your ditty bop to a funky wild tooth

You will contort and have a seizure (Yup)

No barbers here but we will put a part in your Caesar

Skim our QR code and see an AR scope

You won't be seen again ‘til we do a Séance show

Am I AK though? Got a knife on the tip

If anybody want action put a price on a bitch

I pay marketing teams to promote my records

I get paid to promote gun violence and talk reckless

My Saint Bernard keep an artillery in his barrel

This ain't a magic wand or baton; it's just that tech with the arrows

I spray that tech in the AM, make you sway in the morning

And in night it's just your family crying pray in the morning

…Lions come…

I don’t listen to that new shit

I’m a psychopathic

If I don’t ride it

I put a needle under it and let me grab it

They’re all fanatics the actual prisoners

They got a habit

Listening to heavy metal

I was on a rocky diet ,me and that metal mass

…you can get tossed for trying to reach the well

Stop the scout and then hang them up higher

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