ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS - The Demon’s Blade

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The king in the ring, undisputed

There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

Yeah, 1 2, 1 2, listen


Cardia weaponry, chain-gang recipe

Punch you in your face after we exchange pleasantries

I always understood that the pain was a necessity

Put the pressure on you, look at how you change densities

Stupid motherfucker thinking he can change destiny

It's a different game, mane, he the same referee

Heathen Marciano, different people, same legacy

Throw the motherfucker's back to the same treachery

How can you ever be a bigger leader and bring rest to me?

it's the same shit that make a motherfucker dead to me

1988, back when death made leprosy

If it's hard money, then the pain the accessory


We catch your heart-attack, cause it hard, gravy spinach

Carjack you and put yo baby in it

I rock a navy fitted, Avy run the customs, stitch it

I can stitch you with more accurate aim training than the NAVY killer

Only with the dirty Harry pistol

Only my work miss you

So your area is cripple, the burying worms will get you, fucker

When I click mine, you won't click thine

Flickers turn, ricochet through hips and hits done

Bulldozer through your house (I'm half away)

Be the hardest know graffiti artist (this is the take)

Titanium pop screen, my voice is ice cold

Cause this a slight tone, I'd better burn thru the mike phone


Uncle's in the lab, mix stuff, cause explosions

? focus implosions

FBI profile's going thru the motions

Psychoanalyze my behavior and the motions

Alien from the abyss coming out the ocean

Cops loop shots, bullets travel in slow motion

Bare flesh exposed to street cause, corrosive

Force spit and frozen, bodies get ripped open

A pack of wolves closing, claws and bare skin

First thing, for the leftovers, the bones bring

What's left is full with bags with jewelry and old things

Wash the blood off of the gold and the cold spring

This ain't nothing new, it's an ancient, old thing

When man chases money but on;y the ghost win

Don't say that it don't sting, I'm walkin' in cold wings

Fading to the forest, homie, tying your coat strings


I do not prefer fake, so veracious sound-scape niggas fucking go apes

When they open the drapes, we kill niggas, then leave bodies soaking in lakes

I compose whatever opens an has the vocals of waste

Till I increase above the clouds whist the past time waits

I'm in a booth, poundin' my chest goes like raw plumage

I control all the maybe, don't ever think you could play me

I kidnap rappers and tell the broke families to pay me

With EBTs, warehouses full of CDs

So I come back in sixteens like a package of K

You need practice, your raps ain't fuckin' with this

So in the words of John Blaze, nigga, 'you know my team'

This is for what it needs to be

Illegally, I'm mashin' out these lyrics so easily

At least to see the beast in me

So melodic and malicious when it manifest

I manifold the man power

Put you in the rest

The melancholy after the match of the seven bodies

Settles in the devil's skin, so who's next to stop me?

Couldn't imagine a love, back when I was backing the force

Ratchet with the axe and the torch

Actually, the man is false

Superheroes, planet loss, planetary presidential

Actually, a killer priest, who walks with a heavy mental


I kind of love what you love, yeah, I know I said it

What you rappin' bout? I'm cashin' out without a line of threadin'

I saw the rappers and all they rap are the coffins after

The one, the master, I'm rappin' good for the ones after

Find me standin' on yo lawn

With two machetes, seven barrels

Stripty tanks, 80 guns, you piss yo pants

Yo lady comes this way

A capital E, capital S, how can it be

The capital bill, with the girl she wants to pay the bill

I guess you regress and drives me crazy like Dj Kay the Slayer

We the best, when OTP spit that nastiness

My rapper attack lives in a habitat

And shatters kids that weren't convinced of whether or not

The pussy games that give no bills and pay no dues

Cuts and glory, spittin' soft story

Esoteric bars. A cannibal holocaust

Live with glory, huh!

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