rate me

It's Des, you know the nigga that'll never spit a whack rhyme

I'm too devoted on the concept of being?

You shook as an old fact, Pharaohs is born to shine

And body a motherfucker, won't do a bit of time

My area's on the mic like none other grind

Older than adolescent boys and past?

A slang editor level box, this beat bang

If? is touching goons stick you for loose change

Yeah that's your last six bucks, bitch boy duck

Run for cover, rounds spinning graze your wife and mother

Syze, Demoz, Vinnie Paz, and Des D

Bringing this animal rap so niggas bless me

D is for the way I demolish niggas

E is for the way I exit the room without being spotted, nigga (Can't spot me, nigga)

M is for the multiple bullets inside the gun

O is for the obstacle you thought I couldn't overcome

Z is for the way I'm zoned out (Zoned out)

I'm pulling the chrome out, I shoot a nigga's flesh till his bones out

I don't give a fuck about police (I don't give a fuck)

Nigga you know me, I shoot under pressure like Kobe

Then hop in the whip and just take off

If you ain't in my circle then I'm giving everybody like eight off (Everybody)

Chainsaw massacre, I'm ripping his face off

Fuck a bar of soap, I stuff a sock with an eight-ball

If you a nigga with an issue and got access to a pistol

Listen closely put your clip in the gun (Put your clip in the gun)

If a nigga hating on you cause you nice and he the opposite

Listen closely take a sip of this rum, shoot his bitch and his son

Now if a cop is following you and you know you riding a dirty

Grab your pistol and get ready for war, nigga we ready for war

So if they catch you and sitting for an army in a cell

Kill yourself, give em a story to tell, give em a story to tell

Eh yo this ain't no breaking news, just happens we been murking it

Hurting shit permanent, populate some turbulence

We beat you incoherent like people popping them Percocets

New game we birthed it, honestly we earning this

And we get up in the lab and make music for us

We chasing the main phrase you know in God we trust

And the skills never change, staying strong and forever reign

Haters love to talk but believe man they never gain

Mic ministry spitting misery every single day

For that little bit of pay we spit metal your way

We get hectic for a monster is mounting the scrilla

Money is the root of all evil man, it makes me a killer

It's on now, I'm coming at you with machetes and hatchets

Everything I do is brutal, incredibly graphic

Of mice and men motherfuckers you tend to the rabbits

Suicidal, I wish the Unabomber sent me a package

I don't know if you faggot but y'all is very puss

I just know I'm running through motherfuckers like Reggie Bush

I don't think I'm lazy, I just need a steady push

Then I'm ready with the Beretti for any petty crook

I'm ready for anybody to come out and assault

I run with brothers that's gully and they foul with the hook

You a pussy, you running from the sound of the Hawk

I turn a rock into rubble, you get ground into dirt

Thanks to Rotager for correcting these lyrics

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