ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS - Luxor Temple lyrics

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…black cops,black cops

Born on black tops

They are chasing suspects behind black blocks

Face on a poster,I didn’t know this closure

Still wanted on the run

Fuck it,too many bitches come to protect the sparrow

I go to Italians

Cause they crave you with the stallions

If it’s your pistol gang

I click it on the spot,I swear

You motherfuckers made bitches and the art

You all are vampires,motherfuckers

You p in through the heart

I don’t rap over the beats

I smell fear,you’re a bitch on the start

I’m sweeter than a fruit kissing a dog

I was here first

I’m at an original store

I have poison on my …

Through a left hook

Then I take a piss on the…

So Pepper catches everything I took from the store

They say this is silly

While I say this is nice

I’ma keep on feeding every block

Like I’m …

Stupid rappers,you can get a punch in the eyes,twice

You can never work in my shoes

And live my life

…I make pussies clean,white,sluts and whores

Before bodies are buried in bloody wars

Let out ,let them beat out

I punched them and then forgot about them

We got to get chips

How you think I’m rockin’ these kicks?

I begin with the rhymes and rock outside of this ship

I’m like an Italian creature

I’ll figure out my features

I’m smoking dope with the punkists

I’m the coke of Pocahontas

I’ma coke in the low office

…the evil is ready to gain

It’s notorious,I’ll bust you ,you motherfucker

Let me do it like moving and focuse

I’m brain left-handed,

I’m the perfect mess

I’d rather steal my wagon

Got it

Everything I spit has got a golden seal

But then it occurs with your flow

Yeah,it’s so for real

The day job is the only time you know to steal

I tried to kill them all

And to make sure that they die

But they are still coming back

I want you dead so much

I’ll sleep on the jail couch

You’re in a hospital bed

I ain’t satisfied

I need you on a …example with ribs opened wide

…they say I’m already ready

What good do systems and guns

Fuck what I’m aiming for

You stay away from my dope

Bitch boy,you’re just a toy for me

I’d strangle you with extensive wires

And handle a bitch for the…

When I spit,let me excuse myself

…man,I’m shooting at your car keys

Can you see the car seat?

We had to pull the babies out

And took the lady out

Fuck you! Pay me,this is a paper vow

You’re steaking out

Outfront,outback of the steak house

Everything you got,everybody hot

Rock this fucking joint flow…

I don’t know why,why,why,why

I don’t know

I don’t know why,why,why,why

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