ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS - Headless Ritual

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(Intro x5)

No memories are all we can cling to


I see faint brush strokes of the past, no joke

If you ain't hood enough, you can get your past revoked

Dope fiend yoke, these yung boys fiend for this coke

I'm off for my dean, everyday I'm losing more hope

Niggas scramble on the avenue with bundles of dope

Cause we gamble for the revenue with guns in our coat

We know Obama is our president, but none of us vote

Jakes be running in our residence to bomb us with smoke


Get your esophagus choked, tossed in a bottomless moat

Invade your pyramid temples and leave your obelisks broke

Napoleon shooting the Sphinx' nose, Solomon pimps hoes

Y'all be touching little boys and lamping in pink clothes

Sticking whores backstage searching for my signature

Roaming through a maze till they come across the Minotaur

I don't need a metaphor to tell you what I did it for

App hold it down like Magneto on a metal floor

(Hook x4)

No memories are all we can cling to


Let's go! I'm a persuasive ass metal toting Mexican cat

Americano with a bottle of that pore to the spat

Call me Zilla, ain't no feelin' when I feelin' my stacks

Leavin' it struck on every dollar gives you, borrows a match, yeah

This never coastal when supporters ain't copy this shit

Timing it postal like a thank you for rockin' my shit

Hit you with doses of that murderous partying click

Until the memories get stuck in a bottomless pit


Married a Glock to the clip

I am impossibly sick

I am the atrocity that carried the mosh to the pit (New York hardcore)

I just think of y'all as innocuous shit

My wet Sean Don y'all are just bottles of piss

(I drink the floss shit)

Vinnie firestarter when phosphorous lit

Every beat is wide heavy with monstrous kick

Computer talk rapper, y'all an anonymous bitch

Y'all ain't hard when its time to just ball up the fist


One time, I beg you, forgive me

Just this one time, I beg you, forgive me

Come my


I've been rappin' since a kid, now I'm a grown man doin' it

I'll pull the plug, drain yo body till it's fluidless

Come with yo religion, put that logic on the crucifix

I enroll for energy energizing your foolishness

I'm listening on the holy grail on my way to heaven

Compare your resumes, contesting and not testing them

I'm like Floyd Mayweather, just take a time off

I come back when the ring rust and break all off

I'm a serious sickness, no cure for my resignedness

Now bare witness, man, my cylinder's as ill as it gets

Pharaoh blowin' arrow, double barrel, narrow graved it

The battle-cry, battle hints, instead of all you bathed niggas

That's how I live, my vernacular's spectacular

BS twin accurate, we ridin' out and blastin' yo kids

Ap in black, bag a pack, put a crack in yo ribs

And that's that, we backsized, that's what it is

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