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[Verse 1: Crypt the Warchild]

Y'all get too close, I'ma squeeze the life out of you

You speak too loosely with your words, I'ma silence you

You ain't a leader, dog, nobody'd die for you

You ain't a killer, dog, who the fuck lied to you

And I don't even fuck with y'all ballerinas

Tryin' to tiptoe by me, I'ma stab your team up

Tryin' to get dough by me, I'ma snatch your cream up

'Cause my squad gotta eat and y'all can't come between us

Thoughts of blowin' my fuckin' head off when I look in my gun

I cock back, can't squeeze when I look at my son

I stop that, can't breathe, y'all wouldn't walk in my shoes

I'm antisocial, don't speak unless I talk with a tool

[Verse 2: Esoteric]

You can take the braggin', the boastin', add up the passion devotion

The crabs that lack in emotion, we throw 'em back in the ocean

The Pharaohs packin' the potion, we back in action and rappers are chokin'

Actin' like the smokin' cats, their backs will get broken

And '96 was the year I started talkin' with Vinnie

Rockin' the city, talkin', really reppin' Boston and Philly

Now you can find us, lined up with OS and QD

We flow fresh, so don't test, we grotesque and beauty

I profess a slow death, your plan of attack's a panic attack

Still better than Bush's plan for Iraq

My fam in the back, known to keep it realer than most

While you fake cats cower like the Steelers coach

[Chorus: Vinnie Paz]

Yeah, we the realest, ain't nobody stoppin' the fam

And we gorillas, walk around with glocks in our hand

And we some killas, run it like the Mafia ran

And you should feel us 'cause we turn your fuckin' block into sand

[Verse 3: Apathy]

We been bubblin' like Bazooka Joe since Boogie Down and Superho

Futuristic, new simplistic, sweatin' my computer flow

Army of the armed and dangerous, we stay with stainlesses

Status is famous, raps translated to seven languages

Rulin' rap, iron fisted, flow's fluid, rhyme is liquid

Nitrogen, knife in my pocket, pull it out when shit gets twisted

Y'all lookin' for villains? Well, I'm that guy

I charge junior high kids for a contact high

And I could always tell Kno was on some faggot shit

Like singin' Lil' Kim's parts during Magic Stick

You'll get your face rocked, nose popped, we got, heat cocked

The A-dot, o-dot, t-dot, P-dot

[Verse 4: Planetary]

Check, yo

Ever since Blood and Ashes life's slowly been changin'

Catch me sweatin' every night, with my rosary, prayin'

Meditatin', bathin' in blood, face full of mud

So grimy, tryin' to speak to me's like takin' a drug

Razor blades under the tongue, with "Ways of the Gun"

Playin' in the background when I'm embracin' my sons

It's like I'm huggin' Satan, though, they feel the evil inside me

Nah boys, it's me, Papi, can't one emcee stop me

I'm stressed, blessed with a gift, I'm still tryin' to make it

Stained from separations, my brain is like a matrix

I tighten up my laces, prepare for the sequel

Until then, I'm gon' hustle and take care of my peoples, what!

[Chorus x2]

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