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What I write in a verse is like magic tricks

Copperfield, grab your chick, cop a feel

Cock the Glock for real, give you some cop appeal

Dynamite vest, nah ain't stressing nothing

With a smiley face sticker on my detonator button

Haters ask, "Is he bluffing? " or, "Is he bugging? "

I don't know but I don't fuck with weed with the seed stuffing

What I blaze gets me oh so higher

Burned more white widow smoke like an old folks home (on fire)

I make change cha-ching, I can hang a playground

From a charm you should see the way my chain swings

You got the balls to diss? Won't have em afterwards

Cause when I rap contenders get killed after all my words

I'm tired of all you rapping nerds trying to critique my shit

Like I ain't the motherfucking master of the baddest verse

Celph Titled and the AOTP alliance will travel back in time

Smack you, have your baby teeth flying

I am Rob Zombie, I am the omni of dishonesty

I'm a prodigy and atrocity

Not a lot of promise in me

Positively not a drop of modesty

My philosophy is the policy

I believe in nothing

Try teaching a beast peace and loving

Juggling, my beliefs need re-adjusting

My life with sticks and rocks

Kick, punch, block

It was not a box of butterscotch and soda pops

I have filled a plot of mud, spilled a lot of blood

Watch the drops dripping flood, hit the top stud

I have crashed a lot of waves, dug a lot of graves

Drunk a lot of grapes, I have fucked a lot of babes

I'm do not disturb, I have punched a lot of nerds

Struck a lot of curbs, I have cut a lot of curves

You are none of the above, push come to shove

You're all motherfucking puppy love and country clubs

Y'all motherfuckers ain't running shit, y'all are simply runaways

I walk the surface of the sun while you're rocking stunner shades

I'm in Hell shoving flames while you're sweating summer days

I'm the son of Satan, son of Sam, sicker some will say

Got a flow so cold that I could blow the sun away

Even if I kick a free someone still gonna pay

You could get blasted, body in a funeral casket

And cops searching for deoxyribonucleic acid

Slay the fascists, Pharaoh fans pray for classics

Come through in Raiders jackets to make this magic

I'm a holy man, Voodoo priest, rebel that'll shoot police

You wake up from this nightmare and change your little doodoo sheets

Skeleton crusher creature from the cryochamber

The naughty nasty trashy microphone annihilator

It's AP apparently you motherfuckers miss me

Some dude tried to diss me now that kid's history

Now you see

Who the fuck else wanna bleed in their Dungarees?

Planetary man, the evil rap Desert Eagle

Clap all your people get ready for the sequel

Needle set to vinyl, now it's time for your final thought

What's your last wish? You's a minor fined in court

Twenty-five to life, rap electric chair

Spit a sicker syllable, nigga slash like the slayers hit you

Get the picture, this a Kodak moment

Mo Yak flowing, pussy, bet your throwback on it

I'm a break bread only if the bread ain't stale

Take young niggas to school, I heard school's like jail

This is punishment government shit that you fucking with

Esoteric, I told him in swords drawn and dump the clip

Hear the battle cry piling up the dead soldiers

Know to tear it down, we get it down, the blood runs colder

Do the drive-by, hop out the wheel like caged hamsters

Rage amped up, hammer time without the stage dancers

I really doubt we killing it the same

I'm Magic before retirement, illest in the game

Diligently aim at targets without the Pizza Hut express shit

Put em in a long box like bread sticks

Then dip marinara with garlic

Marijuanaholic, carry arms like you're

Your show's supposed to be

Knowingly holding most of them hostage

No one closer to top ten

Coka Nostra and rock him roast the most of the Pac shit

Overdose with the prophet

Hold him over, don't drop him, watch us


Hate on my project, lay you unconscious

Screaming on the phone like you won a radio contest

The only fucking thing I love is my long knife

The .45 cal click, pow, put you on ice

Before the devil know you dead you should call Christ

All I hear is barking out y'all, a real dog bites

If you wanna split the tribe you should call Fife

I'm the real father of creation of God's life

LeBron in the beginning of the game, yeah I toss white

Calm at the beginning of the pain, Dalai Lam-like

Then I put your motherfucking brain in a strong vice

Eat your liver over fava beans and some warm rice

Y'all motherfuckers head cracked like I toss dice

Vinnie taking all your money like a divorced wife

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