ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS - Drenched In Blood

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I can't imagine me slacking, it's like a nigga stepping

And slapping me right in the face but nigga it never happen

I spit the Passion of Christ, the crucifixion's my weapon

I take the shield from the knight and stick it through your intestines

And that's just in day's work

My motivation killing sincerely taken from day's hurt

I spray earth with the venomous mind spray

It's a hard knock life before Jay left Beyonce

All-white green leather Diamante

Windows tinted, y'all sit timid acting Kanye

You so stranje I'm throwing boomerangs at your foolish gang


Motherfucker you a faggot, you kiss niggas like Lil' Wayne

I'm Kool G in his prime, you niggas rapping like Lil' Zane

I don't two-step, nigga I move wet

Cocaine, ecstasy and carry two jets

Now if it wasn't for my seed I wouldn't need my life

Give me a hoodie and the mask, I don't need the ice

I keep verses in my head, I don't need to write

Left hook split your shit open, I don't need a knife

I'm on my hate shit, AK shit

Step on my shoes, I shoot you in the face bitch

So what the fuck is up? You niggas fucking up

When Vinnie swing on you I swing on you nigga I fuck you up

They all mistaking kindness for weakness

They all bitches spineless and speechless

Work all week and you poor by the weekend

Jerks wanna creep try to choke you while you sleeping

All cause we spit raw, no if there's a leak and

Everybody quick draw, we know when you reaching

Niggas done fucked up, they woke up a demon

OT possessing having spoke to a deacon

Hypocrite kids keep a hold on the preaching

Please don't get split, they don't know what's the reason

Philly's like Hell but it's cold and it's freezing

24/7 no matter what the season

Yeah put me in the booth surrounded by music

I let my lips go man like I don't give two shits

You Internet motherfuckers wish y'all was me

On the road with the Army rolling with QD

While we be touring y'all be at work whoring

Begging for overtime, "Please can I get some more? "

Been there, done that, matter fact still doing it

Took some time but we running with this music shit

Say my name man and I'll show up

Hit a nigga in the gut till his ass blow up

And I still speak power with the force of an anvil

I spit gutter words fill another landfill

I murder anyone who fuck with the villain, it's over

You ain't American Gangster cause you chilling with Hova

I got a motherfucking chip and it's still in my shoulder

I dump the motherfucking clip in your grill and I fold you

You ain't even in my league and on Vinnie dick

I'm eating? and gabagool with my ginny clique

I'm a Sicilian massive, you a mini pit

Eleven Mac 11, nine 9s, on that Biggie shit

I hug the block with Jay and Moss where that rocko was sold

I carry four burners like the top of a stove

2012 when y'all burn, that's what prophecy's told

I don't give a fuck, I ain't expect to see thirty years old

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