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I run with grand smugglers, Afghanistan cush puffers (who else?)

Future lung cancer sufferers (that's us)

We perform illegal operations, like bad windows soft hear

Draped in ninja assault gear

Engineered crosshairs might talk in garbage

Money farmer, I stay harvesting commerce

Turn down yo office, piss on your acres

I live a lonely life, my only friend is paypal

Vest over the thermal position to ?

Watchin' yo family through the wall with thermo-vision, infrared

On your grand-ma, she'll die when I say so

Telescope on top of the flamer, like Galileo


I was walking through Mars with a pocket full of stars

Tryna think of new bars for the Army of the Gods

Lord help me to achieve all these tricks up my sleeve

Gotta pull them shits out,bring 'em out, let 'em breathe

Im the oddity of space, camaradities embrace

Academy, but best believe autonomy's in place

For the broccoli, I make sure that harmony's is laced

No apologies, here till the economy is straight

I'm the reason that your baby feeling colloquy today

I'm a product of the prophecy, the prophet of the play

Probably pick the wallabies with the top off delay

It's that nigga planetary, if it pop off, I stay

(Hook x2)

I swear, rappers gettin' fucked up this year

They'll wind up with their whole brain cavity clear

Put the barrel to the ear, last thing you'll hear

Is your soul tryna break through the earth's atmosphere


Even though I'm parked in the valley of the shadow

I'm a sniper with a rifle, sellin' death through the barrel

This is Shotgun poetry, a slam-down symphony

Love is a battle, and barrels is my infantry

Alien gun connect, plutonium gat

Sendin' niggas on they backs like linoleum plat

The same fade back Freddie, I'm Freddie with the

On my gloves and I'm ready, to cut a nigga face like confetti

Fuckin' with a live nigga cheddy

I bet he never thought I'd turn his whig to spaghetti

Literally think that I l a lyrical vet

The stripes on my sleeve, purple hearts on my chest



Back in the lab and attacking the pad

Huntin' down the wack rappers, smackin' there dad

Back when Chad was a mangler, I was stranglin' these demons like

Triangular scheemin', on earth angels that leave when the war's gangled

My flow. Fightin' the pocket like a North Place price tag

Make you mad like a fat fuck watching the night gap


Poison ivy puttin' poison in yo vibbie

And void your noise, I can destroy your toys entirely

Tom Hanks in ? , you got a little boy's psyche

Not safe from workflow, shit is ?

The diabolical psychological raps with type of audio stats

Get your body blown jack, methodically I attack

Smack rappers out the fire pen with hat

Thunder cat using all the ammo on the rats

Hands on my leg on the street, no camelback

Step right, the hulk haul the granite off the planet

(Hook x2)

I swear, rappers gettin' fucked up this year

The guana make their whole brain cavity clear

Put the barrel to the ear, last thing you'll hear

Is your soul tryna break through the earth's atmosphere


You betta bow low, little rodent, scurry through your mouse hole

Befo' I rip the soul out your motherfuckin' mouse hole

All about dope turnin' bitches into ?

Cold is on my ick like I stuck it in the South Pole

Open up my mouth and blow your fuckin' power out

Girls on my hot-dog similar to sauerkraut

I'm the type to upper-cut all of these Debbie downers

Cause I spend many these hours studying Kenny Powers

King of the assholes trashing his Corvette

Bank robbers stick you the vanish into a vortex

Hand over my heart like Napoleon Bonaparte

I blow you like Jonah Vaughn, you bitches get blown apart


They shoot to death when we make the pharaoh rise

Look in they eyes, you can see how the terror rise

Soft niggas petrify when the devil rise

Open they hearts, you can see when the terror lays

Run The Green Mile, no sweat, I'm electrified

Fire in the skies go, higher than the clouds go

Scared money, no? Put the money where my mouth go!

My girl's gotta eat,

Coney Ass niggas stacking bodies in the silo

The shit didn't flow, I would throw him where the tide flow

Rappers gassed up, cause they fuckin' with the pyro

Fuck the small talk, I ain't social, I'm a psycho


Man the fuck up! Who the fuck this long haired passed as shawty

Winchester, military gray, catch a hony

Anybody have a pro'lem with it, let them call me

Nobody make a fuckin' move, unless it's sanctioned by me

(I'm a fucking bull)

I'll let my young bull ride on you

Waiting on another fucking letter from Andromeda

Sold out shows from Pubitay to Ottawa

I just got the YHM silencer

Soul of Rick Camino in the mind of a philosopher

I'mma bring the motherfucking drama like an Opera

Heaven save me, I'mma shoot at you like a photographer

Deadly with the machete, ready for any conquerer


Thanks to The Lumberjak for correcting these lyrics

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