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Pharoah clique motherfuckers


You motherfuckers know

Stomp these niggas down on this shit


That grizzly shit, motherfuckers



I bruise fools when I lose my cool

Crush crews snatch fools then react with tools

On some 94 shit while I act gat clickity clack

You back down like cowards and rats

Pharoah clique rainin

Blood stainin on the pavement

We the judge jury executioners at your arraignment

You ain't got a chance in hell face all swell from the tears

Now your homies pourin out they beers

For years we put it down

Now we comin for the crown

With your head still attached this that bull dog rap

Call me spike call my forty cal lil spike junior

And his brother death comin to a nigga sooner

Yo the warnins in the air torture papers over there

Better read up or live your wothless life outta fear

Yo the warnins in the air torture papers over there

Better read up (Read up)

Yeah I'm with my fifth state to state

And I'm on it and together we ride out

If the cops come we play Bonnie n Clyde (Yeah)

Two bricks and two tommy's inside

In two minutes we gonna have two bodies to hide

Look the cops wanna give me 20 to life

My wife's 20 gotta daughter she depend on my life (I'll)

Stressed out feelin lonely I scream

That's when I woke up it was only a dream

Nigga reality check stuck in a cell

Mom's stressin cause her first son's up in the jail

Got two containers on me I ain't stuck with a bail

Black judge lookin at me like you fuckin with hell

23 years old with a daughter to raise

My baby momma dumb bitch I ain't call her in days (Bitch)

Don't think cause I ain't hit your mommy up I'm tryin to diss you

And I'm Low

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