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Stupid motherfuckers. Run, duck, and hide. Die motherfucker die.

Let em know, Celph.

It's time to bust some heads in.

Let's go.

Oh yeah.

Hard to the motherfucking core we are

The federated army of the Pharaoh murderer squad

Run run, we gonna tear the head piece up

Uh huh, you don't want beef because

Vinnie I had enough of them, yo bust em in

Vinnie I had enough of them, yo bust em in

Lost bust em in

Bust bust em in

Bust bust em in

Bust bust em in

AOTP, fresh nice and ice links

You won't feel till after the punch like a spiked drink

Sipping Goose till my eyes pink, ninety-five live rings

Real niggas survive things and die kings

I can hit that homie, said yo you owe it to me

So it's no holds barred like the old Hulk Hogan movie

You got a heart homeboy? Then show it to me

The flow's majestic, I spit a roll of golden fruities

I'm old school like roll a dooby

Daddyo my hoes is groovy, pay my rent with dough from groupies

A pimp and a killer, gorilla in your project

Nine milli really only defence of my logic

The shotgun just sits in the closet

Waiting for you fuckers to come dip in my shit

Nonsense, the weak could never stop the thorough

Bitch niggas suspect, I call them boys gossip girls

I treat fools like tools cause I always got a few biscuits

And bus em in like kids from different school districts

Y'all dipshits will get your spinal discs flipped

Rhymes will make the vinyl disc skip, find your wrists slit

Nickel-plated nine shine like diamonds on Slick Rick

I'm wicked as a Wiccan bitch when the candle wick's lit

Want to sample this shit? You need to read Sanskrit

And travel to the top of Mount Sinai to transmit

Running through the Red Seas like an escaped slave

Then holding up the walls of water with my sound waves

Like what I was doing during Public Execution, half-human half-mutant

Ap the seed of Rasputin

Gats shooting, shots ricocheting off of my steel body

And three quarter length fat goose to conceal shotties

The god walks the surface of the Sun it won't melt feet

Cause when's the last time you heard Ap rip a Celph beat?

I'm a five-star general, the motherfucking main man

Flip a bird, hold a slammy with the same hand

And do a rain dance when blood splatters and sprays

Cement mixing your IV, turn your anatomy grey

Nobody ratted at A-O-T-P not trenched with OPP

I'm obsessed with OCD, a temperamental mental patient

With cyberkenetic onboard computer integration

One of rap's most innovative voices or flows

In front of missile-command buttons

I look around, all my choices just blow

So now you should know I'm the don of braggadocio

Flamethrower, I'm Cobra Kai and I'm keeping it dojo name goers

Come down and sign up, I'm training soldiers to rhyme

Don't forget the punchline's up

Cause you ain't fucking with the gold beard Rubix Cuban nowhere

No rap is nowhere near what I just wrote here oh yeah

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