ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS - Broken Safeties

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I keep ... wolves wolfing like a werewolf, howling

The werewolf, growling, rappers ...

I stand tall, towering, the giant overpowering

Meet me out of space where a meteor showering.

Shoveling ... up in the cemetery scowling

Crawling, looking for a soul for devouring

.. grabbing rats off the ground

You can hear the bell... twelve times in the town.

Now it’s midnight, streets with them lost souls hitchhike

Hearts pump ice water, never been the pitch type

I fist spite with God’s slap box when I’m...

I’m a law, I’m a star, I’m robbing all the cause

I’m road alley villain, I’m a getaway driver!

Loaded automatic in my leather jacket liner

Rappers like vagina, eat it, beat it till it bleeds,

Feel it full of seeds, keep the kingdom undeceived, hoe!

I am surrounded by legends

Even when I don’t fit in, I get in.

You ain’t got me pat me down to find the weapon

Scouts alone won’t even adjust the settings.

Before the Armageddon starts, the dark artist

I go to hard, it’s the fall, stacking my target.

So when I’m standing on a pyramid

Amongst the homie and the ill-est, fucking lyricist!

Chicken little, be prepared for anything when the sky falls

You won’t have to fucking deal with it, all of y’all.

My team is unanimous with fire pits,

Branding irons, muzzle flesh, crying kids

The catalyst, the arrogance is brought upon

But affecting nobody is ever proving me wrong.

So fucking song, fucking albums and your rap career

You got a problem, I’ll be right here, yeah!

Hook: (x2)

There’s a war going on outside

You can either find a place to hide or start running.

Never a victim with my hands in the sky

When these ... racks will slide...

Yeah, I’m here to re-increase the murder rates

Smoking whacka tones .. in the purple...

I don’t like the shit that y’all ingurgitate

Rearrange your face into a state to make the nurses shake.

Young ball, run upon you, you take your... and break

Eating faster than before, my .. off a person play

I don’t listen to the music that you hoards create

Soft motherfuckers sound like you rehearse with Drake!

Cause it’s wearing on me, I don’t know how much my nerves can take

I guess big in the bitch requiring certain taste.

I make the same editions that a surgeon make

Two times, too many, you don’t get a third mistake!

You ass bend, so I know that you’re for certain, snake

And I don’t trust a motherfuckers, I’m immersed in hate!

Colombo crime family, fuck around and burst your face

A lot ... burn his face.

Army of a murderess, mercenaries with no mercy

Soldiers is so dirty, whole burn is the whole thirty.

Like a corrupt officer in the corner with a ghost of Chris Donner

And commence the ...

Insecurity, meet security!

We damage them all,

Y’all building burn houses, your head is so small

(Why you’re so small?)

I put the nozzle in your nasal hole

You break them down .. we bake them all!

You ain’t an OG, you’re the first to GO

Speed off in a GO, and duck like mad GO!

Shoot through your book, there’s hoes in your story

My young balls cracking sculls, and they’re opened for me.

Cut open three white keys with a white cotton into...

For a three nights spree...

And I repeat, when the iron start firing

You will hear my howl spit,

Bitch, but I ain’t Hawaiian!

Hook: (x2)

There’s a war going on outside

You can either find a place to hide or start running.

Never a victim with my hands in the sky

When these ... racks will slide...

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