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[C.Kamachi: talking]

Yeah, A.O.T.P., come on....

Underground legends......yeh...

Yeah Army Of The motherfuckin' Pharaohs

What I'm sayin', independent,

Warriors takin' over the game

What I'm sayin' it's time for y'all to lay down

and I'm sayin' we back, it been to long

What I'm sayin', the deer hunter's here

[Verse 1: C.Kamachi]

Ain't no need to know my ethno, cause worldwide is where my respect go

My flow is multi-spectral, like I'm space based on LSD in trance state dancin' techno

Tellin' y'all haters to let go

It's enough beef but we vegetarian observe the spiritual laws

Purify ya channels and clearly hate ya flaws

So I wouldn't have to convince you that you wack and shouldn't be here at all

Kamachi's this and that I hear it all,

I see you run from ya squad screamin' I wasn't even there wit y'all

I start wars with the tongue like it's a lesbian alm

Talk with that Thesbian charm,

And you can let ya stereos amp this

It's the old english, pamphlets of a hoodlum Hamlet

Under literary FBI cameras scanned it daddy

(yeah, Ha ha ha ha shit is child's play man)


Don't let ya life be the aim of pure misery

Don't let this night keep ya frame on floors shivering

This pain and strife can no longer exist to me

Don't be the cause of an unsolved mystery


[Verse 2: King Syze]

I'm an assault author, shockin' volts mixed wid water

Disturbin' the law and order when I'm ballin' for the future

We them better kids, rap flows throughout my heritage

And let it live you reppin' shit where's the evidence

All I see and hear is poison in my ears

I kill a track, choke slam the snare,

And let the sample live another day

Save it for another chase hunt it down wid my brothers Outerspace

Tried once but my career's built off anger

I'm bout to leave these raps alone and load bangers

It's just the words from a slave rapper

Tryna bring the game back talkin' to the same master

I'm takin' a stand, my shit expands beyond makin' a band

That talks and storms upon forsaken lands

So when approachin' bring your best shit wit you

When I break it down you can take the rest wit you word


[Verse 3: Vinnie Paz]

Yeh this is bars of death, we merkin' everybody God is next

Vicious raw literatures pure as Ghandi's flesh

Bomb to the chest, let ya breath cave in

A heart attack to bring the horror back Wes Craven

It make no sense waitin', the team risen

Like Pakistan and India liberated by Britain,

We got rid of dead weight the vision's sharp and cleaner

Like the assassination attempt of Da Cartagena

We like a zombie feature, cause it ain't nothin' sweet

And it ain't nobody that's fuckin' wid us on the street

We reinventin' the wheel cousin the cycle dead

We push the rock and we bark like we Michael Red

I gave you life instead, gave you rice and bread

I think it's time that I separate the disciple head,

That's probably the only thing that can calm me

Vinnie Pazzienza it's the motherfuckin' Army


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