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Fabricoh is the favorite sound around

Watch the wholesale slaughter of the whole downtown

Steppin’ off the ship in limbo


It's the spit on his chin that makes us nervous.

It sets the high price from the crowd that's gatherin’

Cuttin’ off the false communication


And we missed the registration

In our mental hibernation

Well the strangest violation of all

Fabricoh will have his say someday

What's the land who blow to the ones in the way.

Swearin’ off his occupations.

Yes it's the spit on our chins that makes us strong

It's the soundin’ off of a crowd that's gathering.

Rocking out x 2

Click the elfe indication

Click the roast and rock the station

Then get the strangest violation of all



Slippin’ off the ship in limbo

Don’t worry at all, it’s off your tongue

Get’s so sheavy and all while the crowd is gatterin’

Rocking it out x 10

Thanks to andreea for correcting these lyrics

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