Annisokay - Carry Me Away lyrics

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I will bang it from the outside

When you told me that danger is away

When that something goes away

Carry me away, my transform turned it safe

From the ______(?)

You’re a climbing right on side

There is no judge that’s ain’t fair

Falling from all spaces

I know that it’s safe out here, you’re gone

But there is nothing to regret

That’s right this overrated

And fall this over, I find this could be really

You’re not here anymore

It’s ok to wait to move on

Right and get something, want to try

Life trance and bang where it’s safe

From the sand and get safe

Did this all, falling for all and get lost

Alone, I rather take all round here

You’re gone, there’s nothing to replace this

Fall ground, __________(?)

You will get patrols from where they get

Gone and they fucked off

You’re not here anymore

I ask for __________(?)

You’re not here anymore so did they do to rule ‘em

We don’t stop and destroy x 3

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