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I wanna have you

'Cause you're all I've got

Don't wanna lose you

'Cause it means a lot

All the joy this world can bring

Doesn't give me anything

When you're not here ...

Idiot me

Stupid fool

How could you be

So uncool?

To fall in love with someone who

Doesn't really care for you

It's so obscure...

But I feel...


Yes I feel...

Don't you know I feel...


God it makes me feel so blue

Everytime I think about you

All of the heat of my desire

Smokin' like some crazy fire

Come on here

Look at me

Where I stand

Can't you see my heart burnin'

In my hands?

Do you want me?

Do you not?

Does it feel cold baby?

Does it feel hot?

I wanna hold you

And be so held back

Don't wanna need you

But it's where I'm at

Thinkin' 'bout you every day

How come I was made that way?

It's so surreal...

But I feel... wonderful

Yes I feel ...

Don't you know I feel...wonderful

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