ANNIE LENNOX - The Saddest Song lyrics

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The Saddest Song <br />

From the Album Bare <br />

Annie Lennox <br />

Lyrics transcribed by <br />

<br />

<br />

5-27-03 <br />

Darling are you feeling <br />

The same thing that I'm seeing? <br />

Troubles of the day, <br />

Took my breath away, <br />

<br />

Took my breath away. <br />

Now you're longer talking, <br />

There's nothing left to say, <br />

<br />

And I'm no longer hearing. <br />

Said it anyway, <br />

Said it anyway. <br />

And I want you not. <br />

And I need you not. <br />

I'm dying <br />

'cause this is the saddest song I've got, <br />

Saddest song I've got. <br />

<br />

Darling are you healing, <br />

From all those scars appearing? <br />

Don't it hurt a lot <br />

Don't know how it stops. <br />

Don't know how to stop, <br />

Now there's no sense in seeing <br />

<br />

The colors of the morning. <br />

Can't hold the clouds at bay, <br />

Chase them all away, <br />

Chase them all away. <br />

<br />

And I'm frozen still <br />

Unspoken still <br />

Heartbroken <br />

Something I forgot.remembering something I forgot

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