Anna Abreu

Anna Abreu - stressed Out

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Listen up 'cause I gotta tell you

The way it is won't last the night trough

Done it all to make it happy, how much does it take?

I'm not saying that I won't give up now

But you're acting out of scene you once saw

And the drama's only getting deeper

Do you like that feeling?


Now I'm caught inside

Out of breath now

I'll be crushed alive

My heart begins to feel the pressure


Stressed out, here's the situation

Stressed out, with all the aggravation

Calm down, until the complication

This is not my fault

Stressed out, another confrontation

Stressed out, for your information

I'm out, in need of liberation

This is not my fault

Riding fast on your roller coaster

You'll be screaming till the ride is over

Can't we skip to the happy ending

If I have no way

I would never let the flames get higher

Fighting back only fans the fire

Can't we skip to the happy ending

I don't know what to say



Bringing me down, what's with that

I don't need this now

Stressed out (Stressed out) , come around

( come around ) Calm down, this is not my fault

Here we are and the cards are falling

Here we are and no point in stalling

Should you try picking up the pieces

Or leave them on the floor

refrain (2x)

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