Anna Abreu

Anna Abreu - Junkie For Your Love

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Written by Pat Bernetti, Axl Johanssen, Tracy Lipp<br />

Published by Spirit Music, HMC Music Publishing / BMG Music Publishing Scandinavia AB<br />

<br />

Do you miss me when you're lonely?<br />

Or is it wishful thinking in my head<br />

Cause I'm lonely for you only<br />

And I'm not quite done with us yet<br />

I'm dialing<br />

And I'm dialing<br />

But every time I hang up the phone<br />

<br />

I can't get you outta my system<br />

No parole from this prison<br />

The judge says I'm a junky for your love<br />

All the walls in here covered<br />

With the tales of how I suffer<br />

In the end I'm just a junky for your love<br />

<br />

I'm itching and I'm twitching<br />

I'd do just about anything for a fix<br />

And the radio drives me crazy<br />

I can't listen to this sentimental shit<br />

Been drinking<br />

And drinking<br />

But I'll never drink you outta my head<br />

<br />

I can't get you outta my system...<br />

<br />

All the hurting things you said<br />

As you left, are still echoing in my head<br />

And this burning that I feel<br />

Shows to me<br />

That our love was for real<br />

<br />

I can't get you outta my system...<br />

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