Anna Abreu

Anna Abreu - Bad Girl

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I know you're trying but you're failing, so turn around

I'm in control, I call the shots so never mind

I'm gonna tell you how I feel before you hit the ground

This time I'm gonna make you see

And I'm gonna make it loud


It'll be over in a minute now

'Cause I'm a bad girl, bad bad girl

I'm a bad girl, bad bad girl

If you're messing with a bad girl

You'll get burned

Stop messing with a bad girl, bad bad girl

You think I'm gonna be weaker without you babe, no

It might be hard for you but I'm gonna go my way

I'm gonna hold my head up high, my feet just off the ground

I honestly won't take no more, you see this girl is proud


Don't tell me what to do, no

Don't tell me where to go, boy

Don't wanna hear you speak so, no no no

I'm doing just fine now

Stop pushing me around now

You're pushing me around now, no no no

refrain (3x)

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