Andy Milonakis

Andy Milonakis - The Andy Milonakis Theme Song (Second<br>Season)

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that's how I roll son!

got a new shirt

and a brand new show son!

its crazy hot 5000000 degrees

I'm prayin on mah knees just to get a little breeze

forget about peas I got q's on mah head

and all the other letters they got crews on my head

bruce lees chillin readin news on my head

and a moosey is punchin a broose in my head

damn skippy I moove to california

brand new show and yo I gotta warn ya

if ya carrot me then ya know I gotta corn ya

your footsie is stuck?


I'm andy milonakis and this is meee showw

that's how mee roll

yoou know it how it go

got my la sun for my new york snow

and a shmoo smhmew shmuch for my shmook shmuck shmoo


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