Andrew Kelley

Andrew Kelley - 6 Directions Of Boxing lyrics

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When I'm locked down

I use tems on my shower slippers

I'm in the background mingling

With the powder flippers.

In the basement, hard body, power lifters

I cross showers and

Across see how I lift her

Universal guard, I stay scientific.

The kid with the golden arms, iron fisted.

Stay Asiatic, so cinematic

Noise in the attic, bang out with them automatics

It's hood politics that bring the hunger back

I'm straight chopping wood, call me the Lumberjack

Check the catalog put out a hundred packs

Watch for drug sniffing dogs they coming from the back

I'm straight thunder clap the funky drummer's back

It's pure Dopium, give 'em a heart attack

I stay stacking plaques like ancient artifacts

Joe Namath in the game I'm the quarterback

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