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uh niggah roll the weed up

kick ya feet up

turn the beat up

put ya heat up

blow your chopper

i won't stop ya

it's like a playboy that's proper

pineapple crush i lust like gun thrust

tough as an elephant tusk that moves bus

hyena style when i laugh and foul

lyrics that ripple like the waves of the nile

p-nut butter breakdown jelly shakedown

freeway fury when a tigah gotta make rounds


my kenneth cole leather boots stay so polished

i keep money trick even tho i didn't go to college

fillmoe gave me straight knowledge

so when i spit these raps

man i drop em like hydraulics

but keep it on the down-low

bustin like a full pound hoe

nba live certified niggah kickin it live

like 2 bullets that race thru the sky

show me a hole i'ma run right thru it

er camble, i ramble and gamble and scramble

the whole architect of this beat

check this out u little ol freak


when i was 12

i was told by the big homie either you gone' mac

or you gonna be a macaroni

never fuck around on the field

less u gone be on the field

doin it for real

last year was a real hot summer

i had three warrants

so they sent 2 bounty hunters

sweatin like a gun runner

the gift i spit i bring sight like it's DU under

i don't give money to chickens

so freak stop trippin

when you see me politician

like nixon

on suspension

or probation

investigation, word

whether it's yo jiff or skippy's

p-nut butter bullets if u come and get me

freak ur choosin ok i like that

now get a kodiak and freak come right back

nickatina rappin at a 100 degrees

that's money women and a gang of weed...E

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