rate me

Most times I drive with a samurai eye

cuz my lady says my style was set the fly

and held tight like a pistol grip

with a new meanin to the word pistol whip

she says she loves how I look in the rain

but since i never cry, yo, it shows my pain

so I threw on the hat and killed all that

man imma rap cat I dont feel all that

Man God Khan

Primetime on the candy grime

baby lookin at me tryin ta read my mind

she can see that my mouth be spittin lines

but she ain never been in love with a peices sign

shit man now im like a parlays bet

im in the cd player of your coke connect

fucker flame on fucker flame off

you can see my aditude if the game lost

Adjust the base on the Nakamichi

roll the blunts optimos is peachey

I dress smooth like Cappadonna

hang with sharks and mean piranhas

keep my style all in your mental

drive and shake my shirley temple

I just might fly on continental

and beat this dime piece in the rental

she love I

Cats come in there armani suits

lookin way too cute

tell the freak ta speread the loot

man imma tell you one thig two times

the homie down the street yo hes got 3 nines

see where im from yo that aint to crime

see certain numbers hafta keep your ass in line

even if it shines and gets dark

throw a new engine in a old skylark

the silver Fox with the Goldylocks

here to shake the block

like you bake the rocks

and to make the cream

but dont taste the cream

cuz when you make the cream its the shceme

na' mean?

man its something like a vegas roll

you get to chopin up and i can get with major hoes

you get to runnin like a tiger when the dangers go

youre lucky if you even get the change of clothes


swicth up to a diamond light

its like cuttin butter baby with a sharper knife

blunted up one day off glue

shes lookin at me takin off my shoe

she asked me somethin that I neva eva knew

she said "Nicky, I wonder what it's like to be you."

I keep it goin on, flowin on

baby till the break of dawn

Andre Nicky baby dont make me none

im tryin ta get everything under the sun

I like when you put my hair up in a bun

then I go like an arsonist

I put the dope together baby like pharmacist

and whats wrong with this

and whos bomb is this

man the blunt is rolled tighter than a boxer's fist


I come down like candle wax

I catch you off guard see if you can handle that

Man im the motorolla coka-cola

do it like the Ayatollah

service so slow because it sticks like jail

why is the judge raisin up this bail?

thats your sister baby I couldnt tell

I roll around like DJ Run

my thug homies want me to see they guns

i get between you like a boxin ref

man whats up with that freak,

have you knocked her yet?

I treat popeyes like gourmet

Zap cold bumps rocks and chantea

Keep my nails cut with precision

add and multiply division

money makins how im livin

smokin weed up in the kitchen

you feel 'aight

im at the bird like a steam ray southern like a ghost

turn around and dissappear or somthin like a ghost

lookin like a cat that just got chose

smellin like a rolls closin all four doors

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