Amyth - Tender Love lyrics

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Here I lay all alone, toss and turning

Longing for some of your tender love

Im waiting for the right moment to come

So I can thank you for all the tender love youve given to me


Tender love

Love so tender

Holding me close to you

Lady I surrender

Candles they light the dark, now I see

How lovely the feelings are

All the tender love youve given to me


I want you more and more

Can resist

The warmth when I feel your touch

Tender love

Share with me straight from the heart

Please let me be apart

All the tender love youve given to me



Every time I hold you its like the first time

And every time I think about you

I just lose my mind

This is an everlasting love

That will always stand the test of time

Youre a priceless jewel

Youre my only girl

Youre my tender love

(Group - adlibs LaBo)

I cant resist your tender love

You know how much it means to me

Just let our bodies intertwine

Tonight is your night

I wanna make it so right

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