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Main street U.S.A boarded up and dry

Knowin' what once was here just makes me wanna cry

Used to be the favorite place

Now what remains are memories even time cannot erase

Old man Johnson's store, where we grew up too fast

All that remains today are echoes from the past

Used to be a boomin' town

All that's left is either broken up or broken down

Singing, oh ah, oh ah, oh ah, oh

Where we used to belong

There ain't nobody home

Said, oh ah, oh ah, oh ah, oh

You can knock all you want

But, ain't nobody home

Packed up, moved away, runnin' from the past

Leaving behind the dusty dreams and broken glass

Used to be a busy town

Now, everybody passes through, but they don't stick around


Was a newsstand on the corner

Right next to the barber shop

And down the street there

That's where all the kids would stop

And they would tease the neighbor's bulldog

Laugh and run away

Now, there's no one left who knows the truth in what you say


(Final Chorus)

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