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Just like tarzan,swinging on a vine.I move hard left then come back right.My life is like a bommerang flow.It's far away then it's right back home.The giant pendulum is swinging to and fro.This road were riding on where does it go?And maybe soon is gone end than you never know.


Hard as I try to get all arranged.Life's gonna change,uhh!Just when i'm used to the pouring rain.That's when the sun starts shinin again.Life's Gonna Change!

Why not smile,while you got your smile.The tears might come.Might last a while.Might as well live,while you got your life ,cause it's a little too late when it's time to die.The giant pendulum is ticking off the days.I only blink and may have passed away.And that's why anytime i turn around its been amazed.

Repeat Chorus

Just When I'm Used To The Pouring Rain.That's when the sun starts shinin again!Life's Gonna Change!


Sun is gonna shine on me!

Repeat Chorus

just when i'm used to the pourin rain.That's when the sun starts shinin again,Life is gonna change.Repeat Chorus.Sings Life's gonna change till fade.Repeat Chorus Till Fades.

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