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I can't relive my life

I can't retrace my tracks

I can't undo what's done

There is no going back

I chased a selfish dream

Did not survey the cost

Illusions disappeared

I've found my innocence lost

Some say it's lessons learned

Some say it's a living life

I say it's choices made

Knowing wrong from right

One night I fought to sleep

In my slumber I turned and tossed

I woke to a cloudy day

And found my innocence lost

Innocent child is a beautiful thing

Secure in her father's arms

Sleeps while a mother sings

There's no way to know

All the harm this world can bring

I miss my innocence

Oh, to be innocent

My heavenly Father

The way of eternal love

That overflows with grace

I can completely trust

My broken heart repaired

And all my sin forgot

I can be pure again

In spite of my innocence lost

In his eyes I'm a newborn child

Cuz I accept his love

I have a newfound hope

Though I've found my innocence lost

I can be pure again

I've found my innocence lost

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