AMY GRANT - I Will Be Your Friend lyrics

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When every moment gets too hard<br>End of the road can feel so far<br>No matter how much time we're apart<br>I'm always near you<br><br>I'll be the shelter in your rain<br>Help you find your smile again<br>I'll make you laugh at a broken heart<br>Wherever you are<br><br>'cause I'm never gonna walk away<br>If the wall comes down someday<br>All alone and you feel afraid<br>Be there when you call my name<br>You can always depend on me<br>I believe until forever ends<br>I will be your friend<br><br>So many people come and go<br>But nothing can change the you I know<br>You'll never be just a face in the crowd<br>And time will show<br><br>Through the seasons and years<br>I will always hold you dear<br>Never you fear<br>(chorus)<br><br>I'll be your rock when every candle burns down low<br>And I want you to know<br>(chorus)<br>(final chorus)

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