AMY GRANT - Every Road lyrics

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There you go making mountains<br>Out of such a little hill<br>Here I go mixing mortar<br>For another wall to build<br>There's a struggle in this life we lead<br>It's partly you<br>It's partly me (but)<br><br>Every road that's traveled<br>Teaches something new<br>Every road that's narrow<br>Pushes us to choose<br>And I'd be lying if I said<br>I had not tried to leave a time or two<br>But every road that leads me<br>Leads me back to you<br><br>Here we stand in the middle<br>Of what we've come to know<br>It's a dance, it's a balance<br>Holding on and letting go<br>But there is nothing that we can't resolve<br>When love's at stake<br>When love's involved

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