AMY GRANT - Christmas Can't Be Very Far Away lyrics

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Little bits of heaven<br>Floating gently by the window<br>Soon this dirty city will be<br>Covered with a new snow<br>Let's put on our winter boots<br>Go outside and play<br>Christmas can't be very far away<br><br>Weather girl says bundle up<br>It's gonna be a cold one<br>I'll put on my wooly hat<br>You'll wear your dad's old stetson<br>Pretty lights are everywhere<br>Shining night and day<br>Christmas can't be very far away<br><br>Let's take a walk downtown and<br>Go dream shopping in the mall<br>The kids can do the santa thing<br>Photographs and all<br>We'll get the biggest tree this year<br>And trim it to the top<br>And spend a whole lot more<br>Than what we've got<br>But so what<br><br>Come next spring<br>I know we will be<br>Ready for the sunshine<br>Right now throwin' snowballs<br>At each other's such a fun time<br>Kids will think we're crazy<br>For a while and that's okay<br>Christmas can't be very far away<br>Christmas can't be very far away

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